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NOTICE: We've closed our store while we move.


"Xcalibers products produce reliable, consistent performance. Guaranteed. "

-Chris Matheny,
Owner of Xcalibers, Inc.


NOTICE: We've closed our store while we move.

Have a passion for shooting?
Need a quality, affordable bullet?
You came to the right place!

My name is Chris Matheny and I own Xcalibers, Inc. I have been shooting since the age of about 9 years old. I started reloading when I was about 18 years old and I quickly became a "jacketed, match grade, green box bullet snob." If you love shooting and want quality ammunition, you know what I mean. If it didn’t come from the green box with the big S from Sierra Bullets on it, it wasn’t going down my barrel.

The more I shot the better I got...and the poorer I got from buying all of those green boxes. So one day after receiving one of my meager pay checks I swallowed my pride. I bought a box of 44 mag. 240 gr. SWC. hard cast lead bullets in a brown cardboard box with a homemade printer label on it. Not much marketing cost for sure! There wasn’t even a quantity on the box. All I knew for sure was it was heavy, and it was cheap compared to the green boxes I’d been buying.

NOTICE: We've closed our store while we move.

I loaded up a batch and headed out for a test. They shot OK and the gun didn’t blow up. There wasn't a great pattern though, so I went back to the house for a closer look at the brown box bullets. I put them on the scale to check bullet-to-bullet weight and did a close visual to look for differences in individual bullets that might cause the erratic shot pattern. Sure enough, bullet-to-bullet weights varied quite a bit and not all of the bullets had filled out completely in the mold. Many had rounded shoulders that should have been sharp, a few had hollow bases.

I started reading more about cast bullets, only to learn they save your barrels from wear beyond belief. I could better afford to occasionally clean out a little leading much easier than replacing shot out barrels from jacketed bullets.

As my business career moved forward, I found less time to shoot and actually put it away for many years. Fast forward to age 45. It was time to shoot again and I still wanted to save my barrels with hard cast bullets. I could not find the quality bullet I wanted so I decided to make my own. Knowing that hand casting is only fun for about 30 minutes, I bought my first commercial bullet casting machine in 2001, and Xcalibers was born.

Here’s is how we make them.
We use only mill spec alloy of 92-6-2 with no scrap of any kind ever added to reduce cost. That’s right, no wheel weights. We always order from the same foundry in large quantity to insure consistency. Of course we have competitors that will make bullets out of anything that melts. Not here. We decided at the beginning to make the best bullet we could, to make them consistent batch to batch and to use the highest quality materials. If people wanted to buy them, that would be great. If they didn’t. we’d just shoot ‘em ourselves.

A better lube means less smoke
Our lube stays in the groove, does not smear up your bullets in the box and does not gum up your seating die. It also produces less smoke then any other lube we have tested. Combine our lube with the alloy we use and you get minimal to no barrel leading. I personally use no solvents to clean my barrels; just a dry Bore Snake™ does the job.

Less smoke is great for indoor range shooting and for IDPA and IPSC shooting, where quick target acquisition is critical. Xcalibers bullets are great for practice ammunition and for match shooting. You Cowboys and Cowgirls will love those clean dies and straight shooting round after round, the Cowboy way.

What is the name of this wonderful bullet lube? If we ever decide to sell it we’ll give it a name. Until then, we’ll just keep it to ourselves.

Always remember, shoot all you want, we’ll make more.

Chris Matheny





Copyright 2007-2015 Chris Matheny.

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